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  • About us

    Humankind Enterprises is a social enterprise.

    We have a mission to connect people, one story at a time.

    The Story of our Founder

    When Sophie was 14 years old she experienced first hand the profound impact that one story can have. She became best friends with a former refugee called Adut, whose story of survival changed not only her life, but the lives of her friends and family. Sophie and Adut became Australia's first Youth Representatives for the UN Refugee Agency and Sophie turned Adut's story into a book called 'Tears of Hope' and an animation called 'What if?'. Adut's story sparked Sophie's passion to value, record and archive stories in order to create more empathy and connection in Australian society. 1t's been 13 years since they met and the power of that one story lives on through the work we do at Humankind Enterprises.

    Our Vision

    A Future of Belonging

    Our Social Mission

    To use values-based development and storytelling in order to strengthen human connections and well being

  • StoryPod

    Human connection lies at the heart of human well-being


    Every story matters; share yours.

    We develop projects and platforms to harness the power of strategic storytelling.


    StoryPod video booth: We have two pop-up video booths available for hire to create interactive experiences at events and effectively capture the stories and ideas from your community, while building your database and marketing content. Contact us to discuss hire !


    StoryPod app and web platform: The Deakin Incubator Group are helping us develop a story capturing app that will be accessible on phone and tablet to guide the user through the process of recording their family and community stories. We are building a search engine for stories that enables users to view videos by theme, key word, time or event. Follow updates via our Facebook page.


    StoryPod intergenerational program: Combining StoryPod’s story gathering and engagement tools and Lively’s technology help model, we have created an intergenerational program that employs young job-seekers to work and connect with older people in aged care environments, recording and learning from their life stories, wisdom and experiences, and helping them learn how to use technology. Contact us if you want to bring this program to your aged care centre, retirement village or community!


    The social impact of StoryPod is specifically aimed at reducing the social isolation faced by older Australians, facilitating more meaningful connections between youth and elders and ensuring that Australian stories are not lost.


    Tech, Tea and Tales is bringing young and old together

    Clients: Jewish Care and Golden Plains Shire

    We recently launched our first Aged Care program at a Jewish Care facility in Melbourne and across 4 venues in Golden Plains Shire. In partnership with Lively, we hired 17 young 'Tech & Story Helpers' to work for 6 weeks with the older residents. The impact of these connections can be seen via coverage from ABC and this video filmed by the young people in the program and our videographer Kath. Thank you SA Premiere for recently shortlisting Tech, Tea and Tales for an ageing innovation award!



    Our new StoryPod video booth at Mother's Day Classic

    Creating the space for people to be heard + connected

    Our new pop-up video booth captured stories in Melbourne for The National Breast Cancer Foundation's Mother's Day Classic. Last year we created a moving compilation of the stories we recorded for the NBCF Pink Triathlon. Even in busy public events, the StoryPod creates a space for people to connect and share what matters to them.



    Technology for change

    StoryPod and Deakin Incubator Group

    A team of 7 students and teachers at Deakin University are undertaking the development of the StoryPod app, database and story search engine. This app will help us reach our mission of recording a million stories in 5 years. In a constantly changing world across digital platforms, we are actually losing touch with our human connections. But can digital stories bring us back together?



  • Facilitation


    Workshops + Presentations

    "You were able to dig deep and get the most out of students in a short time by challenging them to think in ways which perhaps they hadn’t done so before. Your deep level of genuine interest meant that the students were prepared to share their personal values and experiences with us/you as well as their peers and ensured that everyone got the most out of the sessions." Australia Post


    Our team develop and deliver programs, workshops and talks using strategic storytelling and values based development.


    Some of the workshops we have created and facilitated for clients:

    • Storytelling tools and processes to create great impact
    • Inner-vation: creating change from the inside out
    • Finding your 'why': approaches for personal and organisational inquiry.
    • The Self Care Suitcase: Leadership essentials
    • Transforming community culture through kindness tag


    Engage your audience at your next event with a presentation by Sophie Weldon

    Some of the keynotes and talks we have delivered:

    • How I became a young changemaker and how to develop innovation and 'inner-vation' in young minds
    • Seeing Ageing Differently: a vision for intergenerational connection and positive ageing
    • Why intergenerational relationships are the key to economic and social development 
    • Breakthrough ways Storytelling is transforming society
    • Lessons leaders can take from Bhutan and ‘Slow Change'

    Recent Public Speaking Commissions

    • Insight: The Business of Benefit, Sydney
    • National Student Leadership Forum “On Faith and Values” ACT 2016
    • Wodonga Leadership Program Victoria, 2016

    Podcasts and interviews


    • 2016 Nexus / ANZ Innovator of the Year
    • 2015 Myer Innovation Fellow
    • 2014 Changemaker in Residence, FYA




    Humankind Enterprises and the School of Life presents talk series with Director of GNH Centre, Bhutan

    The Slow Change Experience

    In partnership with the Gross National Happiness Centre and Digital Storytellers, we took 20 social entrepreneurs to Bhutan to deepen their impact. Next program will be Nov, 2017.


    Whole-ness is about finding new, meaningful ways to congregate in our busy, fragmented world.

    The Whole-ness events are a series of casual monthly gatherings designed to spark rich and meaningful conversations across the generations.

  • Our Team

    Sophie Weldon

    Managing Director 

    Sophie is a strategic storytelling specialist with expertise in youth and intergenerational advocacy. She is an experienced public speaker, filmmaker and recognized leader and innovator in her field. Sophie has worked with key social and private sector organisations before starting Humankind Enterprises.


    Dan Hall

    Community Specialist

    Dan has a background in urban planning and community development and is extremely passionate about connecting people through empathy. He is our lead Story Curator for StoryPod video booth events and co-facilitator for Story Collector workshops and programs.

    Kathleen Mary Lee


    Kathleen is a filmmaker and musician who helps us capture the intimate stories of communities we work with. Whether it's recording the untold stories of 80 year old nuns or the future aspirations of young people, Kathleen helps us make videos that connect people and ideas.

    Technology Team

    Chris, Mikael, Natalie, Pratyush, Nick

    Our team of intelligent, hard working software developers are Deakin University Students and members of the Deakin Incubator Group. They are creating our StoryPod app, algorithm and database so that we can capture, share and synthesise stories on scale.

    Benjamin Weldon

    Partnership Advisor

    Ben has 10 years experience in sales with a specialisation in software solutions and impact-driven outcomes. Ben works with us to build our network of clients, partners and funders to raise our capacity for meaningful change. He believes that storytelling and human connection and precursors to success.

    Sami Yearwood

    Technology Advisor

    Sami is a technology, software and systems expert with 10 years experience managing the infrastructure of companies, government and events. She supports us in disruptive thinking, technology innovation, software architecture and developing our tech partnerships.

    Everald Compton

    Positive Ageing Advisor

    Everald spent 35 years as founding director of National Seniors Australia, with 25 of those as Chairman. Everald has also been Chairman of the Australian Government’s Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing. He provides elder wisdom and business strategy to our intergenerational initiatives.

    Kevin Weldon OAM

    Strategy Advisor

    Kevin published the Macquarie Dictionary (first Australian dictionary) and was responsible for setting up the World Lifesaving organisation. Through his experience leading businesses and philanthropic endeavours, Kevin supports and strengthens our agenda for a better Australia.

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