• The Power of Belonging


    We are an impact-driven consultancy specialising in strategic storytelling, deep listening and community engagement

  • Research shows that feelings of loneliness, 'unbelonging' and social isolation are being felt everywhere.


    Our vision is to make communities more connected, inclusive and resilient and to enable story-led transformation.

  • Belonging and human connection are the world’s greatest resources to create great communities that meet our human needs, but also unleash our collective potential.

  • At Humankind Enterprises, we help organisations and governments uncover lived experiences and story insights. We listen deeply and embed listening frameworks that honour the story and the storyteller.


    We also consult on and deliver storytelling programs and activations that go 'beyond engagement' and result in a deep sense of belonging for participants.

  • Our services and programs help government, enterprise and community organisations achieve immediate engagement objectives as well as long term social and cultural outcomes.

    We work on two levels to achieve our vision

    Strategic Storytelling and Deep Listening

    Community Engagement and Capacity Building

  • "Belonging is the
    most important
    narrative of our
    time. It
    encapsulates how
    people, society
    and even values-based businesses will
    survive this next wave of change on
    the planet - and not just survive, but

    Sophie Weldon, Founder, Humankind Enterprises

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