A Future of Belonging

  • Belonging and Social Connection

    Humankind Enterprises consultancy was created to respond to the growing and largely unmet need for belonging. We have 7 years experiencing co-designing and delivering a variety of workshops and programs that are centred around this mission.


    Our award winning intergenerational programs have created exchange pathways and belonging between younger and older people and resulted in significant outcomes such as reduction in loneliness, ageism and unemployment.


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    You Belong Here program and blueprint



    The Australian Loneliness Report identifies that one in four adults feel lonely. Global data on health and well-being shows that people all over the world are feeling lonely and disconnected – ricocheting into increased hospital intakes, a mental health crisis and a reduction in economic productivity.


    Social isolation, loneliness, exclusion and even environmental disconnection are symptoms of a deeper issue. Simply put, there is a belonging deficiency.

  • Case Study Spotlight

    We Know Your Name, But Not Your Story

    Studies within Corangamite Shire have found that young people have low levels of belonging and connectedness. Over the past 3 years, we have worked with Corangamite Shire Council, VicHealth, local health providers and schools to address this through the 'We Know Your Name, But Not Your Story' project. We have worked in every school in the Shire, running our Empathy and Social Connection workshops, as well as a 3-day Ambassador Training, where we trained youth to be Story Collectors and interview local community members. The stories that were recorded were turned into a video that is currently being shared to catalyse more social connections.




    Tech, Tea and Tales

    Social disconnection, lack of inclusion and age discrimination are being felt by both younger AND older Australians. We have worked with Lively, aged care providers and local councils to deliver Tech, Tea and Tales program over the last 4 years. The program trains young people to provide technology help and story recording services to older people and has resulted in increased confidence, emotional intelligence, social connectedness and reduction in negative stereotypes of older Australians. The program was delivered in Golden Plains Shire, Jewish Care Victoria and recently won the LGPRO award after being delivered in Nullimbik Shire.

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