• "Maybe stories are just data with soul"

    Brené Brown

  • Strategic Storytelling

    We have 7 years experience creating safe, meaningful and immersive experiences for people to share their stories, ideas and visions for the future. We help uncover untold stories and make people feel their voice matters.


    We collect, curate and synthesise stories and leave you with data insights and tools for change. We also train people to be Story Collectors so they can create change in their own communities.




  • How It Works

    Strategic Storytelling



    We design a Strategic Storytelling Plan (SSP) to ensure the process of engaging your clients, community or stakeholders is meaningful, ethical, relevant and contextual. If you’re collecting stories for research we can also create an evaluation framework for the qualitative data.


    Story Collecting

    We collect stories through the appropriate medium chosen in the SSP - whether that be our mobile StoryPod video booth, face to face interviews with one of our videographers or training your community to collect their own stories (to build more peer-to-peer connections).


    Story Synthesis

    We transcribe the stories and analyse the key trends, demographics, most significant themes and the unexpected outliers. We deliver these in a digital report that you can share back to your stakeholders and community.


    Story Immersion

    We build on the insights and common narratives to further engage your community and creatively immerse your broader community in the stories. We’ve projected stories in public spaces and worked with partners to create art installations and other digital and print solutions. Sharing and immersing your community in these stories can result in empathy building, trust and belonging to your cause, idea or community.

  • StoryPod Package

    StoryPod is not currently available

    Go 'beyond' engagement and collect data with soul

    This package will help you collect stories for an event, campaign or project and then provide you with video assets and data insights for you to use in communications, decision making and ongoing engagement.


    What's included:

    • Pre-engagement consulting to design and refine your engagement and storytelling strategy
    • Half or full-day hire of our video booth with video capture software
    • Support to design your two Story Starters (interview prompts) that are loaded into the software
    • Customised wrap-around banner (optional)
    • 2 Story Curators who will run the activation and support participants to engage and share a story 
    • All raw footage delivered within 48 hours of the activation
    • 2 x 60 sec or 1 x 3 min video compilation of the stories recorded
    • Video to text data transcription (up to 20 video stories with this package)
    • Story Synthesis report (extraction of meaningful story insights) 

    Our StoryPod is 3m x 3m, is engineered certified and requires 240V power point. Regional and interstate charges apply outside of Melbourne.

  • Case Study

    What's Your Story?

    Alcohol Culture Change Project for City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip and City of Stonington

    Research shows that drinking habits amongst youth are changing, but the social attitudes are not catching up (i.e young people are still perceived as binge drinkers). We were involved in changing the narrative around drinking culture and helping youth feel connected to a new narrative through the 'What's Your Story?' project. We delivered street-based Story Collecting across three council precincts (collecting over 150 stories), trained young people in smartphone story recording, conducted Story Synthesis to uncover the key research trends and then shared these back to the community through video compilations and visual reporting. The Story Immersion involved working with partners to embed the story themes into interactive art installations. The narrative intelligence outcomes will continue to support VicHealth's work in addressing alcohol culture change.